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Thank you for visiting ATC Domain Solutions. My name is James and I offer full service Website Design, SEO and Content Management services. I have some of the best pricing in the industry for all your website and social media needs. The home of the “Name Your Price” website design. I negotiate my rates with every client on a case by case basis. I know that not every individual or business has the same budget. This is why nothing is set in stone at ATC Domain Solutions. Based in Seattle, WA, I am not one of the larger firms you always hear or read about but I offer the same level of service at a fraction of the expense.

Whether you are looking to revamp your current outdated website or just starting out and want a brand new website designed from scratch, I can help. Need more customers coming in from website marketing? Help running your PPC campaign? Not sure what SEO even means? I can answer all your questions and handle it all and the process is simple and painless. From initial consultation to final design, I never charge any hidden fees and stick to the budget that has been agreed upon. Take some time to browse my site and make yourself comfortable. If you decide you would like more information on any service, contact me today for a free consultation. I will answer any questions you have, help determine what needs will best suit your individual or business needs and explain exactly what is involved. NEVER any pressure!


Website Design For All Budgets

No project is too large or small. Minimal to complex site designs

Live Link: Girl In The Glass

A new site for an actress/model for her brand and image and will also serve as a membership site for women to empower themselves.

A Few Examples Of Other Client Projects

Sample Landing Page

Sample Site

Sample Site

Sample Site

Sample Landing Page

Sample Site

Sample Site

Sample Site

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So why do you need a custom designed website? Every company hopes to establish a web presence and with thousands of companies in any particular industry, you want to make sure that your company presents a message that attracts customers the second they arrive at your site. That is why website design plays a huge role. You want to ensure that your site grabs EVERY visitors attention and keeps them on your site long enough to want to do business. This can make the difference between a sale for your business or losing them to the competition.

This is where I come in. If you don’t have a website, I can start the process of design from the ground up. It does not matter if it’s a personal site you need or a full business presence. If you do have a website currently, I do a breakdown of your site to see what areas need to be changed or optimized. I check site meta data, content, images and alt text, etc. These are areas where most lose customers due to irrelevant content or poor site flow that detracts from your main message. This also harms your websites ability to be crawled by search engines. i ensure your website is properly formatted across all media and has a layout that helps the customer find EXACTLY what they want. Beautiful layouts and better content management are all key. My process assures that all these phases are created and handled for you, from beginning to end.

I examine your current website (if you currently have one) and offer ideas on structure, content, etc. If you don’t have a website, I work with you to find out what you or your company offers and go from there.
We negotiate a price based on exactly what will go into the design process. This price does not change and there are no HIDDEN FEES!
Once accepted, I start immediately on your new site. This process usually takes anywhere from 1-3 days on average, depending on the complexity of the site.
Once I have the INITIAL design completed, I send you over a link to view the site live on my server and we collaborate and I get ideas from what you like and changes you have in mind. I work with you until we get the site you want!
Once design is complete and approved by you, I request final remaining payment and I then transfer and completely set up the site for you on your server/hosting account. You then own the site free and clear!

Webmaster/SEO & Marketing Specialist

When it comes to SEO services, let’s be honest: There are a TON of companies that state they will get you to number one immediately after signing up with them. They promise the world but what they don’t tell you is that they rely on underhanded SEO tactics. These tactics either don’t work or can be viewed by most major search engines, especially Google, as spamming. This includes buying or selling links, keyword “stuffing”, FFA sites, you name it. This usually leads to you being blacklisted from Google and that is not a place you want to find your website. I use proven techniques that help your business achieve natural, organic rankings the RIGHT way. My services are comprised of zero tricks.

I begin with a free SEO analysis for your current site. I check structure, meta information, keywords, site content…just to name a few. I then review the market for your industry and determine what keywords are important for business. This helps me determine what strategy will need to be followed to ensure a successful campaign. I also look at any Social media sites you utilize to see what improvements, if any, need to be made, as well as your company blog. You don’t have or utilize one? Blogging is a VERY important aspect of obtaining higher search rankings. Fresh, new content is still very important when it comes to what search engine spiders love and crave when they visit your site. The more fresh content you have, the better your rankings!

Does SEO Matter?

All of my plans include a lot of services that most won't offer, including:

Initial complete analysis and correction of website errors with SEO software that identifies website errors, all meta tags, title tags, 404 errors, image tags, plus off-page SEO statistics. Will also analyze and determine how your website ranks.

Daily monitoring of your website for needed updates and maintenance, including plugins if you run your site was created with Wordpress.

Technical support and assistance with any issues you may experience with your website, whether you host your site with me or not.

Weekly website backups

Updating of your website with any changes* you may need, including adding pages, content you provide, etc. (*This does NOT include complete website redesigns)

Weekly sub­mis­sions to all major search engines

Daily key­word research and updat­ing for your indus­try or niche market...and much more!

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