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Content Development

Web Design & SEO - ATC Domain Solutions

Content Development

Professional, Engaging Content With SEO & Your Customers As The Target

When trying to put together a plan of action regarding your website’s content and message, there are two main questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Is your website’s content clearly communicating your brand or business message?
  2. Is it setting you up for ORGANIC search engine success?

Content is still king online, and it is the key to your online marketing success. Great content will eventually help you reach more customers online. It’s a strategy that will always work and survive any of the MANY Google algorithm updates.

It is the key to communicating your business’ mission, its services, and what sets it apart from the competition. Without great content, you will easily miss opportunities to gain new customers.

ATC Domain Solutions is your go-to partner for content development, helping with everything from search engine optimized content to blogging and everything in between. When you need professionally created content that sets you up for online marketing success, we can help.

Content Focused On SEO & Your Readers

Are your brand and message clear throughout your site?

If not, your content could be lacking when it comes to optimization for search engines. If you have high bounce rates or aren’t noticing any increase in customer contacts, your content could be the culprit.

It’s vitally important that your content is optimized for actual visitors AND search engines. While we focus on optimizing based on Google’s recommended practices, those same methods translate across all other search engines.

One great way to drive traffic from search engines is through developing new content on a consistent basis via your site.

Utilizing your website’s blog shows Google and other search engines that your website or brand is an authority in different areas of your business when it comes to what people are searching for.

You can provide advice, tips, and relevant information on any products or news related to your products. Our dedicated team of professional copywriters creates hand-crafted, well-researched articles that we publish on your website for you.

Just like you offer free advice to show authority to prospective customers offline, you should do so online, too.

You can’t have a strong brand without great content. Your content needs to clearly communicate your business, its services, its strengths, and why potential customers need to choose you.

Get The Content You Need With No Strings Attached

We like to keep it simple. We provide you with high-quality, original content that helps your business compete online, but only when you need it. You can order as you go and never be locked into a contract.

There are no minimums or requirements.

When you let us take care of your content development, you can focus on the areas of your business that need you most. No need to spend hours on a blog post that our writers can efficiently and expertly produce in a fraction of the time.

We’ll put our marketing and content skills to work, so you don’t have to add another task to your to-do list.

We Provide More Than Just The Article

ALL content orders include the following:

  • Proper use of header tags throughout the article (bold) – This is an area where making use of your keyword once or twice helps when it comes to ranking your page. Our team of experienced copywriters ensures that all sub-headers are formatted to grab attention while making use of the target keywords where appropriate.
  • Closing call to action section – Our writers end all articles by summarizing what was discussed while tying in main keywords before the call to action to contact or call you or your business. Want to direct users to a certain page or link after they finish reading? Send it to us and we’ll include it.
  • Proper use of main and secondary keywords throughout  – While we do use your main keyword(s) throughout your order, we don’t “stuff” them in. No one wants to read a robotic keyword-laden article and Google will definitely notice and penalize.
  • 1-2 non-competitor external links – We add external links to your order to a research source for the article. Proper external links are a crucial step that most neglect.
  • 1-3 internal links to pages on your actual website – Internal links are important for your website as they provide various SEO benefits as well as assist your readers to other primary pages on your site you want to focus on).
  • 1 standard royalty-free photo  – We can upload this with the page/post or send it as an attachment. Your call.
  • We also write the full meta-title and meta-description for each order –  This is something that is very important considering Google recommends that every page on your site contain a well-written meta description. We include this with all orders as it’s important for any content published online to contain a properly written meta-title and meta-description. We format these based on the requirements set forth by Google.
  • We provide the topics or you can – If we provide, our team creates topics based on your target keywords and industry/brand research. Have another idea on topic creation that you’d rather try? Let us know…we’re flexible!

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Content Needs

Whether you think your business needs to start blogging or every page on your website needs to be revamped, we’d love to help. Our team of professional, vetted copywriters can create engaging, SEO-optimized content to help convert your visitors into customers.

Just complete the form to get the conversation started!

Content Development
Web Design & SEO - ATC Domain Solutions
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