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Organic Search Results & SEO: Why Important?

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Organic Search Results & SEO: Why Important?

Organic Search Results & SEO: Why Important?
Organic Search Results & SEO: Why Important?

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Is your business utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) as part of its marketing strategy? Are you currently seeing good results in traffic from organic search?

SEO is a key part in local, organic search. Without utilizing trusted SEO strategies, businesses can have a hard time showing up in search engine results, which can be a big problem. Why have a website if nobody can find you?

SEO should be an important part of your online marketing plan, and you should be devoting significant time to SEO strategies that help your business become relevant and dominant in local search results. You want to be found for relevant keywords in searches in your city and nearby cities, and it cannot be done without consistently using proven SEO strategies and tactics.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a popular term in online marketing these days, but a lot of businesses don’t quite understand what all it entails. In short, SEO is the process of optimizing your business for search engine results. SEO tactics and strategies help you show up more frequently in relevant search results.

They also help you to become prominent, where you are clearly beating out your competition by ranking higher. The higher the ranking, the better, but it isn’t achieved overnight.

SEO is a long process that starts when you create a website or list your business on social media, a business listing website, or on Google. It takes time to achieve prominence in SEO results, as well as showing up in search results for lots of relevant keywords.

You need to strategically feed Google the right information in the right places on a regular basis.

Summary: Similar to having a great brick-and-mortar business location and great word-of-mouth, SEO gets your business in the right places and spreads the word about your business, so that you can get lots of traffic into your website, which produces lots of sales for your business.

How Does SEO Affect Your Presence In Search?

When you have been utilizing SEO tactics and strategies for a long time, you’ll see a great improvement in your presence in search results. You’ll show up for more keywords in your local city, as well as nearby cities.

You’ll move to the top of the search results, instead of being buried 10 pages below everyone else. This is a process that takes time and consistency. Rankings change constantly (as does Google’s algorithms) so the process of improving and maintaining your rankings is an on-going one.

Summary: As you start to use SEO tactics and strategies and consistently continue to do them, you’ll see an improvement in your rankings and appearance in search results over time.

Popular SEO Strategies

There are so many SEO tactics and strategies to help you improve your presence and prominence in search results. Each of these strategies and tactics is used for a specific reason.

For example, blogging helps you improve your authority on different subjects by answering questions that your customers typically ask. It helps you drive in new customers by solving problems and proving you are the expert to help them.

Here are some of the most popular tactics and strategies used by marketers today.

Business Citations

Business citations are one of the most popular tactics in SEO, because they simply help your business get found in a large number of places. The idea is to get your business listed on the most popular and relevant platforms, so that you show up in searches both in Google and in other popular search websites.

Some of the most popular platforms to list your business on are Google My Business, Yelp, and Angie’s List, and especially social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It’s important that you list your business’ name, address, phone number, and website accurately, as well as get great reviews from customers and provide lots of information about your business.

On-page Optimization

As many search engine optimization experts say, content is king, so it’s vital that your website’s content is optimized for search engines. There are many ways to optimize your website content, including your website’s meta information, headings, links, and keyword density.

By optimizing these things, you’re helping Google gain information about your business, and the more you provide, the better.

When you strategically optimize your website content, you’re helping Google understand what your business is all about: what services and products it provides and what problems it helps to solve.

Since there are so many businesses competing for spots in search results, the more optimized, relevant information you provide on your website to Google and other search engines, the better.


Blogging is a very popular SEO tactic. When you answer questions that potential customers are asking, you will gain search traffic and convert prospects into customers. It’s a way to provide free information that helps people to trust your knowledge and expertise, which leads people to purchase products or services from you.

Guest Blogging

While blogging on your website is a great way to show up in lots of different, relevant search results for your potential customers, guest blogging is a great way to increase your reach to potential customers. When you contribute or guest post on another website, you are reaching an entirely new audience that can help you gain many new followers and customers.

It is especially ideal to guest blog or contribute content to websites, magazines, or other businesses with a huge following. Overnight, you can see a huge jump in your followership, as well as an increase in your traffic.

Consistently guest blogging, collaborating, and contributing to other businesses and websites can skyrocket your following, authority, and popularity, which will produce great sales and growth for your business.

Website Design & Back-End Optimization

Google and other search engines want to make sure that people who are coming to your website are getting a great experience. It purposely chooses websites and pages that are highly informative, intuitive, technically sound.

Your website’s pages need to be easy to understand, direct customers through your website easily, and be compatible across every device and browser imaginable. Additionally, your website needs to load its pages quickly, or you risk people leaving immediately, which will damage your credibility.

Lastly, your website shouldn’t have any broken links. Any links that are broken need to be redirected by a website professional.

Summary: Some of the best SEO tactics that your business can use to improve its presence and prominence in search results are business citations, on-page optimization, blogging, guest posting, and website design and back-end optimization.

How To Get Started Improving Your SEO

Credibility online is something that is built up over time, using different strategies and tactics to improve your awareness, relevance, and prominence, but you can start improving your SEO immediately by yourself or with help.

Start Small With Effective Strategies

It’s easy to start improving your SEO in small steps. You can start devoting time to listing your business on popular business listing platforms, or you can work with a website designer to get your website’s device compatibility, back-end, and speed in top condition.

You can also start working on optimizing your website’s pages for relevant keywords, and you can start writing one blog every week to answer popular questions about your business and its services.

Whichever strategy or strategies you start with, it’s important to make sure that you do them consistently to achieve the best results. And if you’re unfamiliar with how to do some of the technical tactics properly, you can consult with a marketing agency for expert guidance.

Give It Time

It’s important to know that SEO is something that takes time to build up. Websites build up credibility and prominence in search results in many different ways, and since there is so much competition online, it will take some time to catch up with and beat your competitors.

You’ll need to take strides to get great reviews on your business listings and work with a website design team to ensure that your website is providing a great experience for your customers in all aspects.

These things, in addition to the basic need of running your business optimally, will take time, and be sure to revel in the small wins that you get, like gaining traction on a blog post or increasing your following on social media.

Track & Review Your Results

To truly find out what SEO strategies are working for you, you’ll need to make sure to diligently track your tactics and find out what the results are over time. For example, if you have listed your business on Yelp and have been optimizing it to the highest extent, find out how much traffic you’re getting from Yelp and if what you’re doing has helped improve it.

The best way to track your results is by reviewing your traffic on Google Analytics. If you haven’t already installed Google Analytics on your website, it’s a great idea to do that as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’re really in the dark as to what’s working and what’s not.

Additionally, Google Analytics is highly intuitive and will provide a lot of great insight that you probably never thought would exist. Since businesses are spending lots of money marketing themselves online now, Google Analytics is an absolute must to measure your ROI and success.

Get Started Today On Improving Your Organic Search Results

It’s easy to get started implementing an SEO strategy for your online marketing. Start by figuring out which of the tactics you think will work best for your business and develop an action plan.

If you aren’t sure which you should start with, talk to a local marketing expert or agency, and they can help you develop an optimal plan that will produce the best results.

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