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November 20, 2023

This updated proposal request includes:

  1. Removal of all social media posts and social media management, including removing the reporting on social media stats for your monthly reports).


Project Deliverables

Monthly SEO + Dedicated Hosting + Website Maintenance

This plan provides the following each month:

Content Development

Two 650-Word Blog Posts Each Month: We will create and publish two optimized  blog post each month. These posts are tailored to the most significant keywords identified in your keyword ranking report, ensuring they align with your SEO objectives. We can also focus on specific topics or keywords you deem crucial for your business.

Our content creation is informed by insights that we use from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and our platform’s keyword/SERP reports. This approach ensures that the content not only resonates with your target audience but also supports your website's overall search engine performance.

After publication, each blog post will be shared on your Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages. This strategy amplifies your content's reach, engaging your existing audience and attracting potential customers through these social platforms.

These blog posts are designed to boost your online presence and SERPS (search engine results page position), driving traffic and engagement. With the domain being new, it will take some time to establish trust and overall rankings.

You can read how we optimize your blog posts here – Link: Included with all content orders.

Additional blog posts can be added for any period that you need more content published at an additional per-article cost.

Website Hosting/Maintenance/Updates

Daily Website Backups and Updates: We perform daily backups of your website to ensure data safety and quick recovery in case of any issues. We maintain a rolling 60-day backup archive, giving you access to two months' worth of data for any necessary restorations.

Weekly Security Scans: Regular security scans are conducted every week to identify and address any vulnerabilities, keeping your website secure against threats and ensuring continuous, safe operation.

Routine WooCommerce Maintenance: This includes timely updates to WooCommerce itself and its extensions, ensuring everything functions seamlessly and securely. Regular maintenance prevents performance issues and keeps your online store running smoothly.

Product Management Support: We assist in efficiently managing your online product catalog. This encompasses adding new products, updating existing ones, and organizing your offerings to enhance customer experience and ease of navigation.

Full Hosting Management (hosting is included): We monitor server performance and manage server resources to ensure your website operates efficiently and effectively, addressing any server-related issues promptly.

Overall, we fully manage and maintain every aspect for the website's backend. Your plan also includes updates that are requested by Nova Supply each month (up to a 2-hour cap. 2 hours may not sound like a lot but this total is plenty for this type of site for basic updates each month). This does not include creating additional content or changes to the website's design or actual structure.

Backlink Building

Backlink Building involves creating a diverse array of backlinks from social media, bookmarking sites, blogs, and online directories. This strategy is essential for enhancing the ranking of specific keywords on your site. We implement this process gradually, every other month, to ensure a natural growth of your site's backlink profile.

Overly rapid or excessive backlink creation can negatively impact your site's SEO. By focusing on a wide variety of backlink types that are relevant to your target keywords, we aim to strengthen your website’s overall search engine ranking in a steady and effective manner.

Monthly Marketing Report

Keyword SERP tracking for up to 50 keywords: This section will provide a detailed overview of where your website stands in search engine rankings for each targeted keyword. You'll see both current positions and historical trends, allowing you to track progress and adjust strategies accordingly. This is what we base our marketing strategy and content around.

Statistics on Backlinks: We'll present an analysis of the backlinks pointing to your site, including the number of new backlinks gained, their quality, and their relevance to your industry. This data is crucial for understanding the strength and credibility of your website in search engines.

Data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console: This part of the report will offer insights into website traffic, user behavior, and site performance. You'll see metrics such as page views, bounce rates, and the effectiveness of the overall SEO efforts.

WooCommerce Performance Analytics: This section will focus on your WooCommerce store's performance, providing details on sales figures, customer purchasing patterns, best-selling products, and understand customer preferences to better optimize the website.

Pricing + Details

Monthly Price (Full SEO/Marketing Plan) - Includes everything listed within this proposal -



Monthly Price (Website Hosting and Full Website Maintenance and Support with No SEO. Blog posts, social media posts, backlink building, and the monthly marketing report is not included with this plan) -


Project Terms

All plans are month-to-month.

This quote is valid for 30 days from the proposal date.

Proposal Date

November 20, 2023
ATC Domain Solutions
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