Help Wanted

I am looking for professionals with either a sales background or ability to close deals and locate new customers.

Job description

You would basically be responsible for contacting businesses that may need services I offer. My business is home based but I have been very successful at it for over 3 years now. This will start out as commission based only but will turn to salary once you have secured steady clients (although you will have the option to stay at commission based only).

I will pay 15% UP FRONT to you once the client signs for all web design jobs (other services and what I pay are below). I have all new clients pay 50% down on all new jobs so you will ALWAYS be paid once the job STARTS and will NOT have to wait until the end of the job.

You will be responsible for researching potential clients, contacting them and setting up appointments for me. I don’t really care HOW you secure or go about finding clients. Via phone, in person, etc…doesn’t’ matter as long as you are not using any methods that can be looked at as spammy or unethical.

Do some research on potential clients, contact them, make appointments, and arrange my schedule

Highlights of my business services:
Website Design and Development

Custom websites with a Content Management System (CMS)

Graphics Design

Web Hosting Packages

SEO Services


Good at communication
Clear and logical thinking
Sales/Customer Service/Networking background a plus
Understanding of web design and SEO a plus


Commission based per service:

Web Design/Development – ( – The typical rates I charge for website design is anywhere from $599 to $5,000. You are paid 15% of that.

For example, the AVERAGE cost I charge for a typical professional website (non-ecommerce) with anywhere from 6-15 pages can be anywhere from $999 to $1999. Securing an appt or contract that leads to a job would pay you 15% of the total cost so a $1999 site would pay right at $300 and you receive your part UP FRONT as soon as the client signs and pays the deposit. Most firms will make you wait until AFTER the job is done but I pay you up front. I do it this way because that is how I would want to be paid if I was in your position.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – 10% of monthly package price (prices here:

Web Hosting – $20 flat rate per signup (any package: – All hosting plans are paid yearly by the customer)


You can work whatever hours you want and from wherever. I am a home based business and I am typically open for business from 8:30am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri with evenings/weekends by appt. I’d love to meet with you in person (can discuss a public meeting place such as a coffee shop, etc) to discuss more and tell you more about me and my business. I do not have pricing set in stone for Web Design although all of my other packages (hosting, SEO, etc) do have set prices, which can be found above on the links for each area. For those of you with a background in Web Design and know what pricing should be for your average job, you will have the power to charge whatever you feel like the job will be worth BUT it must be approved by me first. If it’s something I would charge $1500 for and you are able to close the job out with the client for $2500, you get the 15% plus a 5% bonus. We can discuss how this will work in person but I basically like to reward those who can close higher deals with more money.

Fill out the below form and I’ll contact you asap!