SEO & Cannabis Dispensaries: How Are Customers Finding You?

HomeBlogSEO & Cannabis Dispensaries: How Are Customers Finding You?
HomeBlogSEO & Cannabis Dispensaries: How Are Customers Finding You?
Cannabis Industry Marketing

Are you a cannabis dispensary that is looking to amp up your online marketing? Your SEO is a great place to start.

When current and prospective customers search for cannabis dispensaries “near me” or in their current location, the competition is stiff, since more and more cannabis dispensaries are popping up these days. Are you ready for the competition?

Your online marketing efforts need to be centered around SEO, in order to rank and stand out in search results. If you aren’t focused on SEO, you risk having your cannabis dispensary not even show up in search. Your website may not be found, and neither will your brick-and-mortar location.

SEO is the key tactic that will get you ranking and standing out from the competition in search results.

What Is SEO & How Does It Work

SEO is short for search engine optimization, which simply means to optimize your website and online presence for search engines – Google specifically, although Bing should not be ignored.

When you make a website, your website is not automatically optimized for search engines. There are specific things that you need to do to get your website ready for search engines to crawl it and help them figure out when to show your website’s various pages in search results.

SEO is the process of helping search engines understand who you are, where you are located, and what you offer. Your website can have all of your product information on it, but if you have nothing about your location on there, or anywhere else on the web, you won’t show up in search results in your local area.

SEO also moves beyond just your website. Search engines take into account your overall online presence and build a file about you. The more information you have about your cannabis dispensary online, the better.

When you have social media profiles on different platforms, your location, content, and beyond become a part of your search engine “file”. It’s important that you stay consistent with your content and location(s) across all of your profiles online, so your information is deemed trustworthy to show in search.

Search engines only want to show trustworthy, reputable links in their search results, which is why it’s important to stay consistent. When it comes to your cannabis dispensary’s brick-and-mortar location, make sure to use the exact same address across your profiles.

If you want to learn the ins and out’s of SEO straight from the source, check out the Google Starter Guide on Search Engine Optimization.

Summary – Search engine optimization is the process of building up your “file” and reputation with search engines so that they will show your website’s pages in local search results.

Why SEO Should Be A Major Part Of Cannabis Dispensaries’ Online Marketing Strategy

SEO should be a major part of your cannabis dispensary’s online marketing strategy because it’s important to make sure that you show up in search results. When it comes to getting leads online, you have to pay for them a lot of the time.

Whether you’re doing Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, or Instagram Ads, you’re likely going to be spending a good amount of money getting leads online. But when you do SEO right, you get free traffic from searches.

When you have a strong SEO strategy and have built up your SEO properly, it can be amazing. You effortlessly show up in search results, because your website and online presence are optimized properly. You get phone calls from searchers who see your website in search results, rather than through your ad on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or beyond.

In addition, those who find you via search are more likely going to convert to customers, because you don’t risk showing up in irrelevant searches or for irrelevant customers.

Plus, SEO is something that you build organically. Once it’s built, it’s not going anywhere. You won’t ever lose it. You will continue getting the results that you’ve been getting and more when you do even more to increase your search engine optimization. SEO gets better over time, and it’s a reliable source of income and traffic.

Summary – SEO is an organic, free way to build up your traffic and income online, and it’s reliable and steady, unlike paid advertising.

How To Implement SEO Into Your Strategy

There are many ways to implement SEO into your online marketing strategy. Here are a few ways that you can get started:

  • Your content Content is king online, and it’s important to make sure you have a ton of content on the web. This means that your content on your website is strategically targeted to get leads for your products and services, and things like your meta descriptions are filled out to entice customers to click through to your website. You’ll want to make sure that keywords that you want to show up for in search are optimized on your website.

Do you have a blog? A blog is a great way to build up your content online and answer questions that customers might have that are related to your business, giving you more chances to show up in search, as well.

  • Your website – Your website needs to give a great experience for every visitor so that they stay on your website and seamlessly find what they want to find. The longer that people stay on your website, the better because search engines track how quickly someone leaves your website after entering.

Your website needs to function quickly and optimally on any device. If you have a bad mobile website, this is going to be a big problem for your SEO, since Google has now moved to mobile-first indexing.

Additionally, it needs to be ready for search engines to crawl it and get all the information they need to show your website in search.

  • Your business listings – Your business should be listed on a good number of business listings across the web to increase its overall SEO. This means that you should be listed everywhere from Google My Business to Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond. There are many trusted business listing websites that Google loves to see businesses on, which will help you show up in search, as long as you have accurate, consistent information across your profiles.

Summary – To start implementing SEO into your online marketing strategy, start with your content, your website, and your business listings.

Get SEO Results For Your Cannabis Dispensary

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We can help you improve your search presence and SEO through optimizing your website, creating content, building business listings, building your reputation online, and more. Our tactics are proven to work and our Google reviews from satisfied clients tell all.

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